The Sacrifice

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  • The Sacrifice
    Passive on the Path of Occultism

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    The Sacrifice
    Passive on the Path of Occultism

    When casting a non-Bound Spell from this Path, immediately after the casting roll, but before any Dispelling Attempt, the Active Player may choose the Caster’s unit or another a friendly unengaged unit within 24” or the Caster's unit. A unit may only be chosen once per phase. The chosen unit suffers X hits that wound automatically with Armour Penetration 10 and Magical Attacks, and with no saves of any kind allowed, where X is determined by the Discipline value of the largest fraction of models in the unit, ignoring all Discipline modifiers. In case of a tie, use the lower value:

    • 0 to 4: 3 hits
    • 5 to 7: 2 hits
    • 8 to 10: 1 hit

    Any Health Point loss from The Sacrifice that would remove the last model of the chosen unit as a casualty is discarded.These Health Point losses never cause Panic Tests.If at least one Health Point loss was caused, the spell is cast with the ⟨⟨amplified⟩⟩ version. In that case, use any text marked with⟨⟨⟩⟩.


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