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  • Rules Specific to Single Model Units

    3.B Units
    12.D.e Moving Single Model Units
    13.K.c Raise Health Points
    17.A Panic Test
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    3.B Units
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    All models are part of a unit. A unit is either a group of models deployed in a formation consisting of ranks (along
    the width of the unit) and files (along the length of the unit) or a single model operating on its own.
    When forming a unit, all models in the unit must be perfectly aligned in base contact with each other and face the
    same direction. Models in a unit that are not in the first rank must be positioned so that another model is directly in
    front of them. All ranks must always have the same width, except the rear rank which can be shorter than the other
    ranks; this is called an incomplete rear rank. Note that it’s perfectly fine for the rear rank to have gaps in it, as long
    as the models are aligned with those of the other ranks. Following these rules, you are free to field your units in
    whatever formation, as few or as many files wide as you wish, but this may affect rules that interact with the unit
    (see 3.B.b “Full Ranks ” and 3.B.c “Close Formation & Line Formation ” for examples).
    Whenever a rule, ability, spell, and so on affects a unit, all models in the unit are affected.
    12.D.e Moving Single Model Units
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    Units consisting of a single model follow the rules for Moving Units stated above. In addition, they can perform any
    number of Pivots during Advance Moves and March Moves.
    13.K.c Raise Health Points
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    Raise Health Points uses the rules for Recover Health Points with the exception that Raise Health Points can bring
    back models that have been removed as casualties. Bringing back models is subject to the following rules and
    • First, recover all lost Health Points on models in the unit (except for Characters), then bring back models in the
    following order: first Champions, then other R&F models (including Musicians and Standard Bearers). Each
    Raised model must be recovered to its full amount of Health Points before another model can be Raised. This
    cannot Raise a unit’s number of models above its starting number. Any excess Raised Health Points are lost.
    • Raised models without Front Rank must be placed in the rear rank if incomplete, or in a new rear rank if the
    current rear rank is complete. In units with one rank (including single model units), a Raised model can either
    be placed in the first rank or you can declare the first rank complete and create a new rank. Any models that
    cannot be placed in legal positions are lost.
    • Any used One use only effects, or destroyed equipment (Special Items or mundane equipment) are not regained.
    • Raised models are subject to the same ongoing effects as their unit, and count as Charging if their unit Charged.
    17.A Panic Test
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    A Panic Test is a Discipline Test that a unit has to take immediately after any of the following situations arise:
    • A friendly unit is destroyed within 6″ of the unit (including Fleeing off the board).
    • A friendly unit Breaks from Combat within 6″ of the unit.
    • A friendly unit Flees through the unit’s Unit Boundary.
    • In a single phase, the unit suffers Health Point losses equal to or greater than 25% of the number of Health
    Points that it had at the start of the phase. This does not apply to single model units that started the game as a
    single model (i.e. with a starting number of 1 model on the Army List).

    Unless specifically stated otherwise, units that fail a Panic Test immediately Flee directly away from the closest
    enemy unit (Centre of Unit to Centre of Unit). If several enemy units are equally close, randomise which one the unit
    will Flee away from. If there are no enemy units on the Battlefield, randomise the direction. If the Panic Test was
    caused by any of the cases listed below, the unit Flees directly away from the enemy unit that caused the Panic Test
    (Centre of Unit to Centre of Unit).
    • A spell cast by an enemy model
    • A Model Rule on an enemy model (such as Terror )
    • Losing 25% or more Health Points, and the final wounds causing the Health Point losses to reach or go above
    25% were due to an attack by an enemy unit
    If several units have to take a Panic Test at the same time, take all Panic Tests before performing any Flee Moves
    caused by failed Panic Tests.
    Units do not take Panic Tests if they are Engaged in Combat, if they are already Fleeing, or if they already passed a
    Panic Test during this phase.

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