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  • Templates are normally used to determine area effects. There are several different types and sizes of Templates The most commonly used Templates are 3” and 5” Templates.
    These are disk-shaped Templates with a 3” and5”diameter, respectively. Other less commonly used Templates include the 1” round Template (called 1”template) and the Line Template (used for cannons and some spells). When determining how many models are beneath (or touched by) the Template, hold the appropriate Template over the target to see which models' bases are directly underneath it. Note that if any part part of a model’s base, however small that part is, is beneath a Template, that model counts as being under the Template. Any given point on a template can only ever be in contact with one base.Note also that the model bases are based on the metric system, while the Template sizes are usually based on inches. This means, for example, that a 3” template is capable of touching the bases of 5lined up models with 25mm bases (3” = 7.62cm).

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