Catapult (X)

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  • 21.F.c.2 Catapult (X×Y)
    Artillery Weapon type
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    21.F.c.2 Catapult (X×Y)
    Catapult attacks ignore to-hit modifiers from Soft Cover and Hard Cover. Resolve Catapult attacks as follows:
    • On a natural to-hit roll of ‘1’, it Misfires: roll on the Misfire Table (table 11 , page 109 ) and apply the corresponding result (a to-hit roll resulting in a Misfire cannot be rerolled).
    • On a successful to-hit roll, the attack gains Area Attack (X×Y) . Resolve the attack with the Strength and Armour Penetration stated in the Catapult’s description.
    • On any other to-hit result, roll to hit with a new Catapult attack, referred to as Partial Hit, and ignore any Misfire. If it hits, this attack gains Area Attack (X×Y) , but you reduce both X and Y by 1. If either value reaches 0, no hits are inflicted. All hits are at half Strength and half Armour Penetration, rounding fractions up. In
    addition, the attack loses all benefits from the Strength, Armour Penetration, and/or Attack Attributes written
    in square brackets (if any; see Area Attack ). If it misses, no further attack can be generated this way.

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