The 9th Age - Rules Lexicon

Welcome to the 9th Age Rules Lexicon section! Fantasy Battles: The Ninth Age brings you a free and balanced way to play tabletop games. To be balanced and fair it involves rules. And there are a lot of rules. Some are easy to understand, some logical, but overall there is simply a lot to memorize. To make things easier for our players we made this Rules Lexicon project, so they may have those rules within their reach without needing to open up their rulebook every time. It works fairly easily: whenever you type the name of a specific term or rule, it creates a lexicon link. By hovering over the link you will see a shortened version of the rule, and by clicking on it you will be taken to its full, unabridged version. We are working hard to get all the relevant terms and rules under the Rules Lexicon. If you find some errors, omissions, inconsistencies, discrepancies, or if you think some rule should be added, please let the Lexicon Team know! Greatness lies in small details – let’s try to make this project even better. Happy gaming, T9A

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