The 9th Age - Miniature Library

Welcome to the 9th age miniature section. Since Fantasy Battles: The Ninth Age is a project focused on bringing you free and balanced rules to play tabletop games with, we also would like to help you find models to play our game with. We are not a miniature company in any way or form, but luckily enough you can find several models for each army and where to buy them right here on these pages. Building, painting and basing the miniatures you play with is a joy in itself, and the way your army looks can be as important for you as the rules itself. That's why we encourage all the players, newcomers and oldtimers to check this page. Just select one of the armies below to show you the catalogue with all the models we know off to represent your army. It will also include links to the site where you can buy all these beautiful models from. If you know of any models that would fit the armies of the Ninth Age, please edit the wiki accordingly to add it to our collection.

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