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  • [b]Duality[/b]
    Passive of the Path of Cosmology

    All Cosmology spells are divided into two versions, representing opposing aspects: Cosmos and Chaos. When casting Cosmology spells, always declare which version of the spell you are using. Whenever the Caster successfully casts a non-Bound Cosmology spell, the next Cosmology spell it attempts to cast has its Casting Value reduced by 1, provided this spell is a Cosmology spell of the opposing aspect.
  • [b]Favour of Meladys[/b]
    Hereditary Spell for Highborn Elves

    10+, Caster, Lasts one Turn

    Immediately after successfully casting the spell, add one Veil Token to your Veil Token pool.

    When a friendly unit within 18″ of the Caster suffers a wound before Special Saves, you may discard a Veil Token from your Veil Token pool instead and the wound is ignored. An attack with Multiple Wounds will inflict
    one wound less than usual instead. For Standard Infantry, up to 2 wounds are ignored per token provided they are suffered simultaneously. A
    maximum of two Veil Tokens may be discarded each phase for this purpose. Characters and Gigantic models can only ignore a single wound this way
    per phase.
  • Ancient Dragon
    [lexicon]Mount[/lexicon] for [lexicon]Highborn Elves[/lexicon]
    The mount and its rider count towards Characters. The mount also counts towards Ancient Allies. Dragon and Ancient Dragon share the same 0–X Mounts/Army limitation.

    [lexicon]Height[/lexicon]: [lexicon]Gigantic[/lexicon]
    Type: [lexicon]Beasts[/lexicon]
    Base: 50x100mm
    1 [lexicon]model[/lexicon] per unit
    One of a Kind
    0-1* [lexicon]Mount[/lexicon] per army
    Dragon and Ancient Dragon share the same 0–X [lexicon]Mounts[/lexicon] per Army limitation.
  • 21.C.a.3 [b]Other Rules Associated with Champions[/b]
    • Hits from attacks that follow the rules for Distributing Hits are never distributed onto Champions (see page 19 ).
    • When removing non-Champion R&F models as casualties and a Champion is in a position that would normally be removed as a casualty, remove the next eligible R&F model and slide the Champion into the empty spot (see “Removing Casualties ”, page 81 ).
    • When Raising Health Points, a Champion is the first model that is brought back if it was previously removed as a casualty (see “Raise Health Points ”, page 60 ).
    • Champions may choose to use a different Shooting Weapon than the other R&F models in their unit (see “Shooting With a Unit ”, page 61 ).
    • Champions may issue and accept Duels. If a Duel is not accepted, a Champion cannot be chosen as the model that suffers the penalties for refusing a Duel (see “Duels ”, page 69).
  • 21.C.a.2 [b]Ordering the Charge[/b]
    When a unit with a Champion rolls for its Charge Range, it always counts as rolling at least a ‘4’. If the Charge is still failed, ignore this rule and use the rolled dice to determine the Failed Charge Move following the normal rules.

    For example, a Charging unit with an Advance Rate of 7″ containing a Champion declares a Charge against an enemy unit that is 11″ away. In case of a Charge Range roll of 2, the Charge will still be successful since the Charge Range roll is considered to be 4, resulting in a Charge Range of 11″.