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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von tiny,

Hi folks!

With the coming of Sigmar Games Workshop allows us to play with whatever rules we want. As a competitive gamer and warhammer enthusiast (been playing for 19 years), I want the ninth edition of the game, developed by people that actually know the game. TheNigthAge will bring you this!

The main idea is to cover all things from 8th edition and in the long run rework the armies. The first release will give you a new rulebook, most things will be kept the same, just rephrasing of rules to let people understand the rules more easily. The main focus will be to get a simple system that cant be misunderstood. Spells will be reworked, misscasts will be reworked (more punishing for using more dices and less punishing when using less dices).

In the long run all units will be worked, spearmens will be cheaper while warlocks will be more expensive as an example. All armies will get larger updates (brettonia and beastmen needs this the most). The statslines will be stay the same while the special rules and point costs of the models might change.

In the future there will be webpage with everything gathered, updated FAQs and such, everything free of charge. Rules will be released and updated every third month.
The first realease will be just before ETC 2015.

All feedback will be appreciated and you will always reach us at TheNinthAge( a t]

Razon had a good point, who are we?
My name is Johan Lagmo and have been playing the game for 19 years. The last five years I have been playing for the swedish ETC team with 5 different races (including this year). I was one of the founders for the swedish comp system, but later fell off that wagon.I am soon to be 27 years old and I have a masters in Biotechnology. For the last two years I have been working as a developing engineer fo a biotech company. I and two friends have a videocast called outside the box on youtube. check some videos of us and get an idea of our view of the game. there is also a longer introduction to who I am there. Then there will be one more person involved in this. It is the Kaj, another swedish ETC player and he can introduce himself

Sneak peek on what we are currently working on.

This will include rules updates. Currently new rulse for magic phase and line of sight.

This will include stuff that more directly influence army construction (new points costs, new magic items, updated lores etc). Currently this mostly includes examples in what types of changes we are planning (new points, new rules, restrictions on how many of a certain unit you may include, what counts as core and so on). Please consider these more as exmaples and ideas than finalized changes.

Tell us what you think about the changes. Both de new stuff, but also more generally; too much changes? to few changes? wrong types of changes? etc
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