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Von tiny,

Dear 9th Age supporters!

We are currently working on expanding our social network to keep all of you informed about the progress of the project, mid/longterm goals and generally want to give you the chance to get first hand project information.

This is why we are currently looking for interested community members who publish tabletop articles / host podcasts / write blogs ect. to cooperate with us. We would be interested to give your audience the chance to get a backstage tour - answering questions and explaining why we are running things the way we are.

If you know community members who could be interested in this sort of content please refer them to this thread or contact me / any other team members directly.

We are trying our best to keep you informed and hope that with this action we will be able to satisfy your questions in a more efficient way.

With kind regards,

ETC 2011 - Team Austria [Vampire Counts]
ETC 2012 - Team Austria [Vampire Counts]
ETC 2013 - Team Austria [Vampire Counts]

9th Age Contributor
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