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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Hello, modelists!
After some lower activity, it looks like we are back to receiving model updates!
New opportunities to develop your army.
Tartessos Miniatures wide collection of Equitanians…ld-age?ref=project_build#

It is alredy founded, but could use more publicity!

Twelve different horses, with eighteen different heads, two different griffins, with six different heads, two different pegasus, with three different wings, more than sixty different human heads, more than forty different torsos, more than twenty five infantry legs, more than one hundred different arms with swords, spears, bows and maces, enough options to make dozens of unique knights, and make an army worthy of a king...
Avatars of War new Hobgoblin - a berserker
A new AoW release is available now! A never seen before race in our range: Hobgoblins!
This one is a Hobgoblin Berserker, proudly showing-off the Berserker mohawk and whirling two chained spiked balls.

Make sure to click on the link to see full details and 360º view of this new miniature:

Would very much appreciate if you could announce it in the next Supporting Companies newsletter

Thanks very much!

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