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Von ForsetisMuse,

This is a minor Cultist update and Gold version is still planned for Autumn 2020. We have changed only things that were most disliked by the community and we look forward for all your feedback before we cement this book for good!

The feedback thread can be found here:…-2020-feedback

This new version is now available here:

The list of changes can be found here:
Cultists beta3 changes

  • Army Specific Rules: rules of Enemy Within merged into Nobody Expects…; Enemy Within removed
  • Daemonic Manifestations: Guiding removed
  • Daemonic Summon: clarification of timing
  • Special Items: Locket of Sunna replaced by Lugar’s Dice
  • Cult Leader:
    • Scout added to Master of Ritual
    • Wayward Children 15 ↘ 10
    • The Dishonoured 15 ↘ 10
  • Cultists:
  • Max. unit size: 25 ↗ 40
    • Fallen Heroes 2 ↘ 1
    • The Dishonoured 2 ↘ 1
    • Unholy Conduit renamed to Abyssal Conduit
    • Infiltrators 0–15 Models/Unit
    • Spear for 1/model
  • Possessed:
    • Base cost 120 ↗ 130
    • Red Haze replaced with Bronze Backbone
    • Standard Bearer added for 20 pts
  • Ritual Altar:
    • Base size changed to 60 mm round
    • The End is Nigh! replaced with Dark Conclave
    • Tall added
    • War Machine added
    • Grand Council option added for 20 pts

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