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Von Henrypmiller,

The 9th Scroll is here (a little bit late but 2am still counts as the 1st of July in my book) and we have another action packed edition for you. As always, please leave feedback in the relevant thread!

3 – Sneak Peek from the Dread Elf LAB Team
A quick overview of the design process of one of the new units in the DE book.

6 - Nemeroth's Dread Elf Showcase
A showcase of expert painter Nemeroth and his Shattered Emerald Legion.

18 – Background Compendium: Dwarven Holds
We are treated with some insights into the background of the Dwarven Holds.

20 - Ask the Sage
Another instalment of questions from the community answered by the venerable Sage himself.

23 – Infernal Giants
We share a background piece from the Infernal Dwarf Legendary Army Book.

24 – The Lay of Sir Symon
Another battle report from 9th Age-famous Axel Vicious! This time His KoE vs Dr. DanT’s DL.

48 – The Mysterious World of the Airbrush
You’ve seen the pictures on social media, the video tutorials on YouTube and you’re intrigued. This article will explain where to start.

50 – Seizing the Veil
Lucky-Sixes & I at Proxy Table Gaming are thrilled to return to the Scroll for the second part in our Seizing the Veil campaign.

66 – Dark Forest Bases
An interesting approach to making Woodland Bases.

74 – Collecting ID: Models for Infernal Dwarves
An intro into the many model ranges you can use for your Infernal Dwarves Army.

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