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Von Calisson,

Happy anniversary, all T9A fans!

On June 30th, we celebrate the birth of The 9th Age, which happened five years ago.
While the end of 2019 looked like more of the previous months, with successes and misses, 2020 has quickly become one of these crazy years which everyone will remember. However, we managed to maintain some of our goals through the crisis.

Let’s review that, from the perspective of T9A management.

The year of the virus
2020 has become the year of the virus, defining a new normal for billions of persons in the world.

T9A players and T9A team were not immune to that, all the more that our community concentrates in many of the countries most affected.
As a lockdown was imposed, many players were deprived of access to gaming stores, or even were not authorized to spend an evening with their T9A usual partner. Tournament players will not have their adrenaline shot this year, since pretty much all tournaments have been cancelled, from the modest club’s events to the international European Team Championships (ETC).
On the other hand, many hobbyists found themselves locked at home with time to kill and found in their attic piles of unpainted models wanting for some love.
This is also when many players blessed Universal Battles, the virtual table for fantasy games, which allowed them to play with distant partners while staying safely at home. Very conveniently, a tutorial has been created to help the newcomers to get the most of it.

The team itself was widely affected, although in various ways.
Some were involved in real life issues and could not devote time as expected to the various T9A projects.
On the other hand, several of our team members found themselves with extra time to give. Of course, the participation in T9A project was not affected by the new norms of social distancing.
And finally, since we do not depend on sales, the worldwide economic consequences of the worldwide health crisis did not impact us either, contrary to the games store which lost temporarily their T9A players. We hope that our supporting companies could keep delivering online, despite their employees being probably impacted by health measures.

Overall, we were blessed not to have that much direct effect from the coronavirus but we acknowledge that the hobby and gaming landscape has been impacted.

T9A has delivered a steady flux of production.

The 2019 Rules Update has been delivered, adjusting the subtle balance between units and army books, toward the best balanced game ever.
On the Full Army Book production, the second Legendary Army Book (LAB), Daemon Legions, turned to its definitive, i.e. “Gold” status.
However, the third army book we’re redesigning, Infernal Dwarves, could not be delivered in its full glory; we had to make a tough decision and publish the beta version it in its shorter version without art and background: the Slimbook. We are now completing the process to get some more background and art. Meanwhile, we were proud to deliver a background supplement, so as to provide the new spirit relative to this faction: The Epic of Kibotesh.
We are currently weighting whether this two-step publication shall remain an exception or shall become the new standard.

Requiring much less work, some supplements were delivered as well.
The Cultists supplement to Daemons LAB was updated to its third version.
An optional rules supplement was created as well: Advanced Magics.

The most original process was the Giants of 9th Age Supplement.
It started as an April Fool prank, and progressively everyone found out that it ought to be kept as a supplement for its own merits, so we decided to make a two-step prank, and on April 2nd, that book was made official.

Tournament players were not forgotten, as nobody had anticipated that they would be deprived of their gaming events. So we delivered a new Map Pack as well as a Tournament Rulepack Update.

Finally, one of our side projects made it to the delivery stage, the Games of Zagjan. We hope that those who try it will have as much fun as those who tested it.

At the moment, we have started working on the 4th LAB, Dread Elves. The team moves fast, design work is well under way and we are confident that they will deliver a fantastic LAB.
We also announced that the 5th LAB will deal with Vermin Swarms; we have recruited the team and are now underway with conceptual work.

That’s about what we are working on at the moment, meaning other ideas are left at this stage.

Processes and forum environment
Our process to create LABs has been presented to the community.
Now that we have some experience, we’re learning our lessons and we are starting a review of that process, to adjust some unsatisfactory points.
The principle will remain that we move by cycles. While one book is released in beta stage, two more are in production, and we prepare for the next. We will keep striving to release material cyclically.

We also adjusted the document version numbering. We hope that it is understood by all users better than the previous one was.

The forum got a visual overhaul, and we have adjusted its colours along with the new home webpage.

As you may have noticed, we adopted a weekly rhythm for our news:
- Monday, teasers (rarely, for major releases)
- Wednesday, Weekly Miniature News (often)
- Thursday, document release (when appropriate)
- Saturday, # Supporting Companies' Newsletter.
Random news would be released on other days, as we're doing already.

These news – and more – are relayed on various social media, which we are trying to keep as interesting as possible for you.

Community engagement
If one area is developing well, that would be the engagement for the community.
This is often coming from one or a few community members, not necessarily embedded within our team. This shows the best spirit, which is to do yourself what you want to see being done.

We have seen in the last 12 months a Painting League, the third edition of an Art Contest, and a lovely community contest aroundthe Knights of Equitaine: Present your Coat of Arms.
There was also the 9th Scroll Community Engagement Competition.
Last but not least, there has been an unofficial campaign which drove much success, The Fight for Avras campaign.

This is the time when we give a big thank you to the team, who has worked relentlessly for the benefit of the community,
and to the community, for whom we work and who support us and help to engage more people to discover T9A,
and who we wish to see coming and joining us T9A team in large numbers.

Take care and have good T9A games as soon as they resume.
On behalf of the Executive Board
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