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Von Calisson,

Hello all Hobbyists!
We have received the support of a company which has, among others, models riding alternative mounts. They may provide great inspiration for those who wish to stand out of the beaten path.
Presentation and kickstarter by Draco Studios
Hi everyone!

We are live on kickstarter ->

We are launching a 3D printable wargame and, the cool thing is that we are trying to make it also compatible with T9A, and most of the models are able to fit on this universe. Our goal is to have the minis compatible and also, make the wargame compatible (but this one is a long shot since we will need Game Designers for this, volunteers welcome!)

Let me introduce you a bit to this universe, Dragonbond takes place in a non-eurocentric world, in the planet of Raava, in the continent of Valerna. There's a BIG backstory before getting into time were the battles are, but to make a quick brief, the dragons live in the Red Moon, and they come to Valerna to feast on the Vaala, the magic energy that creates and gives life to everything and doesn't exist on the Red Moon. During this feast, there's a phenomenon called Dragonbond, when a valernian and a dragon merge in one... it can't be resisted, it can't be chosen, just happens and the death of one, means the death of the other one. Battles of Valerna is a fight between 2 dragonbonded and their army. Don't want to spoil more haha

I'm attaching some minis that will be part of the core game, there will be two armies, Tyveria and Allaria (more armies to come later this year)

Here we have different examples, skorpikons from Tyveria, Qirins from Allaria, DRAGONS!

The campaign will be a 3D printable wargame to be get prepare to the big plastic campaign in quarter 1 of next year

Feedback, comments, opinions, anything.. welcome :D


Also, the campaign for the wargame of Dragonbond is on, this time is just 3D printing for a beta release and we would love your input on the rules!
And if you are game designer interested in adapting the wargame to T9A, talk to me! @Pam01…bov3d-wave1?ref=user_menu
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