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Von Calisson,

Well, don't panic/worry/overreact, actually, we consider a change of the name only for the Quick Starter.
If you wondered, you will find this simplified game in our forum download page, just after the supplements; or in the website, it is on top of the download page.

So, for our introductory ruleset, we're thinking of moving from "Quick Starter", perhaps a bit too technical and bland, to something more epic.

We are collecting the opinions of the Community on half a dozen new names. Your input on these options will help the Executive Board to make a final decision in the weeks to come. In this thread you will find the poll to cast your vote, along with a description of the available options:

Do you want to help us decide which name to choose? go to the [POLL] changing the name of the game

There's still a couple of days before the poll is over, so make sure you let us know your thoughts!

On behalf of the Quick Starter Team.

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