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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Hello, T9A fans.
We have an unusual news to publish today - it is not about models, but about gaming.
More precisely, it is about the biggest boardgaming convention in the world - this year online and for free.
Piteglio invites you to participate to SPIEL
Dear NinthAgers,

I couldn't resist the call of showcasing my introduction-to-T9A-starterset to gamers all over the Internet. So I booked a booth at the biggest boardgaming convention in the world, and I'd be honoured to use it as a hub for promoting T9A as well as my own company.

If you've been to SPIEL in the past, you know what kind of huge event it is, and you know how important it can be to increase our visibility. If you havent been to SPIEL already, just have a look at this post... Youtubers from all over the world are trying to put their hands on the new games that will be presented there. Here's an announcement from The Dice Tower, one of the largest Youtube channels on boardgaming, among dozens and dozens of other channels in many different languages:

Given the digital format, this year you can visit the SPIEL convention for free: from October 22nd to 25th 2020. You can visit online booths and watch live shows, but more importantly, you can join virtual rooms to try out all the games you want. There will be demonstrators, and you can use software such as Tabletop Simulator to test new game releases and decide which ones to play and buy - probably with a juicy convention discount!

And now comes the fun part. I'm planning to ask Shut Up & Sit Down, one of the giants of tabletop-games-reviews on Youtube, to make a promotional video about The Ninth Age and, of course, about my starter set too. Some of their videos have more than a million views (twice the amount of the most popular video on MiniWarGaming!), so I think this will be a huuuge promotion opportunity for us. If you want to know the full story, check the post below. You can do a lot to help us grow, so if you have the chance to be generous, please consider doing so:

T9A @ Spiel 2020

Thank you for your support and see you soon online,
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