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Von Calisson,

We are confident that this will be the best news of the day for their many fans,
this is official:

After WDG, DL, ID, DE and VS, the 6th LAB will deal with human heroes in shiny armors on their magnificent horses:

the Kingdom of Equitaine!

Rejoice! Noël! Bless the Lady!

Let me provide some explanations.

It will not come overnight.
This announcement is the very first step in a long, long process.
We have not yet assembled a team, this is what we are just starting now to investigate. Once we will have a team, it will be announced. This should take more than a month.
The team needs directives, from Background Team and from Rules Team. The first draft of these directives has not been written yet, and it won't before weeks.
If all goes well, the team should have directives and should begin their work in the coming months; that is, if all goes well, and if experience tells anything...

Once the team will begin their work, they should start discussing with you, the community. Only then will you have an insight about the (currently not written) directives, and you will establish a regular interaction with the team in charge of creating the future Legendary Army book.
You can be confident that the background will keep the social distinction between virtuous knights and muddy peasants, and the rules will allow an all-cavalry army to be playable and fun. But more detail is yet pure speculation. Of course, you're welcome to join others and speculate together in the KoE forum.

I'd like to take the opportunity to detail a bit how the decision was made.
This is the result of internal discussions which take months. We carefully weigh many factors, and we take into account how ready we are to deal with each particular faction.
The background Team wanted to exploit fully the potential of KoE, a faction which clearly excites the imagination of its fans. And given the depth of the background that they are close to finalize, this was worth waiting for.

As a summary, do not burn yet your current KOE AB, it will remain usable for probably a year or more.
And thank the Lady for your prayers come true.

Team T9A
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