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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Like Alchemists distilling the essence of matter,
or Necromancers aiming for the soul of the living,
the scribes of the Academy of Aschau
offer you a Compendium of the art of war.

Dear Community,

After 4 months of intense distillation, sublimation, purgation, reduction and separation, the former Quick Starter is currently in the last stages of being transmuted into our magnum opus: the Essence of War.

Without waiting for the result to settle and fixate, we are happy to share with you the first draft of a new T9A ruleset: Essence of War.
This book aims to give an easy entry point into the universe of The Ninth Age, by condensing all the basic rules in a couple dozen pages. If you were searching for an easy way to start learning (or to start teaching) how to play T9A, look no further!

Essence of War is more than a steppingstone to large-scale battles and international tournaments. It is also meant for experienced players who are short on time and are looking for quick matches in a rank-and-file fantasy wargame. An Essence of War game should take around 60 minutes to play, and players can decide to skip the sometimes daunting task of choosing troops for their army and start with smaller, pre-selected armies if they wish to. In the advanced rules section, we compressed all the tools you need to enjoy the strategic challenge of list building and the tactical complexity of scenario-driven battles.

See for yourself: Download Essence of War

For each of the currently released 19 factions and supplements of the T9A universe, we will make available a one-page roster for the basic rules and a one-page army lists for the advanced rules. In the alpha version linked above, we included only a handful of such rosters and army lists. This is because we are still finalising some balancing choices. The additional reason is that, before we delve into the discussion of individual factions, we would like to receive your feedback on the core aspects of the game: clarity of writing, ease of immersion, and depth of gameplay.

Further components will be added to the book in the next months. We want to make the rules clearer by adding examples taken from a gameplay; we want to entice the readers by including more beautiful illustrations; we want to satisfy players by adding customisable options such as special items from the Vault. But the most important ingredient will be provided by you, your passion, your contribution. To help with that, you can expect many EoW-related initiatives to start in the next weeks, and we'd be honoured if you decided to participate.

Your contribution can be provided in the following thread: Essence of War - spoilers & feedback

We look forward to crafting with your help a ruleset we can all be proud of.

The Essence of War Team
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