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Von Iluvatar,

Dear players of The 9th Age,

Today, we are proud to release an update for the four Legendary Army Books that we have published previously: Daemon Legions, Sylvan Elves, Undying Dynasties and Warriors of the Dark Gods.

Did I say update? But the rules are frozen in Gold status, at least until the next annual change!
Yes, indeed. These updates are not about rules. They are about providing up-to-date versions of the Legendary books that already existed, but that we could not keep up-to-date due to internal constraints. We have lifted most of those constraints (mostly about the tooling used to create the documents), and we have a much higher confidence in our ability to keep those books in line with rules (or points) changes when those happen.

Legendary Army Books? What are those?
Well, they are documents in which we provide an in-world view of the armies you can play in The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, with background context, illustrations and armies descriptions. While we do not have a Legendary Army Book for all armies yet, we work constantly to enrich this collection.
If you are only interested in pure gaming, they are probably not for you. But if you want to know more about your army and have never peeked at them, it may be time to dig into them. And if you have already read them, it's a good time for a refresher!

Points or no points?
Ever since we released the first of our Legendary Army Books, a debate has shaken our community - staff included. What should those books contain? Should they be self-sufficient documents, that contain everything about an army, including the gaming part? But then, they get outdated at every balancing patch! Is it worth printing those documents in these conditions?
Well, we have good news for you. We are not delivering a single LAB document for each army: we are delivering one version with the full contents, one version that contains background and gaming information (but no points), and one version with only background and illustrations.

And in addition to this, we are are delivering each version in medium definition (for easier download and viewing on mobile devices), and in higher definition (for printing or any other application)
(However, note that if you are going for professional printing, you will probably need a higher quality still, with more specific settings for bleeds, margins, covers... please contact our Layout Team for this!)

6 LAB documents per army. And yes, we are confident in our ability to keep delivering them, because we are able to generate those documents from a single source.

Among those 6 documents per army, though, we chose one to be the main document: for each army book, it will be the document that contains all information, in online (medium) quality. To avoid overloading our Download pages, you will only find the link to those versions there; but when you click on those links, you will find other links that will drive you to all the versions available.

Stop talking! Where are the books?

Please share your feedback about those documents in the relevant forum thread (in the General Discussion forum), including the potential errors you may notice. Obviously, since were are releasing 24 documents at the same time, we know there are small mistakes in them! Please help us correct them. :)

Cheers for the Layout Team!

The T9A Project
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