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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von WhammeWhamme,

Hey folks!

@WhammeWhamme here, coordinator of the team in charge of the Infernal Dwarves Lengendary Army Book (aka ID LAB).

We have been working hard on the third iteration of the ID LAB Beta, and I'm very happy to announce that.... drumroll please... it's out! It has cleared review, translation, spell check, the works.

Now if you want, feel free to just skip on over to downloads and see it for yourself.
On the other hand, if you're curious as to what we were thinking, scroll down. Or not, I'm not the boss of you.

So, what were we trying to do with this update?

Well, there's a lot of things. People want different things. In general, however, the goals were:
  • Simplify. Peel away extra words and rules that aren't pulling their weight is something we try to do. That doesn't mean we added nothing new, just that we tried to only do so for a good reason.
  • Focus on the correct playstyles. The emergent playstyles for the ID LAB book were not all about how Infernal Dwarves should go to war - so some changes were made to adjust that.
  • Bug fix. We fixed a few plain old mistakes that slipped through our fingers and into the earlier Beta.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors. Sometimes, it's not about "too strong", it's about "too strong vs. one or two armies". Those are a problem too, so we tried to move things a bit more towards the middle.
That's the big picture. On to the small.
  • Why did we roll back the change on Incendiary? The tweak wasn't liked enough or impactful enough to achieve what we were hoping it would. Simplified. Note that Oil Skins got a little bit stronger.
  • What's going on with the changes to the Artillery system? A bit of simplification (Cluster was waaaay too complicated, not to mention a little RPS), but also just a bit of trying to nudge designs closer to where we wanted them to be.
  • Why did we redesign the Blunderbuss? Well, it's practically tradition at this point. More seriously, the redesigned Blunderbuss is less RPS, a little less swingy (a good thing, even if it's not the main goal) and aimed a bit more at being a rival to Pistols rather than Flintlocks.
  • Why reduce the range on Flintlocks? The people spoke, the project listened and changed the design brief for ID (just a little bit).
  • What, a new Hereditary Spell!?! Yep; the second one was a little disappointing, so we tracked down Haze of Magnesia, played the two of them some romantic music, and out came the new and improved Hereditary spell.
  • Special items had their design altered a little bit, mostly to get Immortals back to a happier place. More on that later!
  • Why add a new option for the infantry Overlord? Well, he was a little underwhelming, and psychological warfare is right up his alley. Dwarf Kings hold grudges; Overlords inspire them.
  • Why let the Prophet of Ashuruk ride around on a fancy chair? Well, really, that idea speaks for itself. It was always something we were considering, and with the Seat of Authority proving not breaking the book in half so far, it seemed safe to add.
  • Why overhaul the Lamassu? Well, it was a bit too complicated, and as a non-character spellcaster it was contributing to inappropriate playstyles. The new Riddle should still be a bit different, and still feel like he's asking the opponent an important question...
  • Ziggurat Regulars is a bug fix. Shoulda been like that already.
  • What happened to Infernal Warrior darts (i.e. why is the unit size 20 now)? They were inappropriate in emergent playstyle. ("Infernal Dwarves should not play like Saurian Ancients!")
  • Why change Shackled Slaves? Well, pretty much all the reasons. Playstyles, complexity, rock/paper/scissors... Slaves should be worth considering as torchbearers for combat units now, and they still encourage big, burly units of missile troops, but at a reduced power level.
  • Why Immortals so different? Well, this is really what they should have been all along. Their new rules are more flavourful, and cover some of the weaknesses. If you're wondering about the Terror, well... can you name the other Standard Size units that cause Terror? (Note that improving Immortals helps facilitate appropriate playstyles.)
  • What happened to the Disciples of Lugar?They became sneaky tricksters (who always plan ahead!), rather than battle-mad berserkers. They're still pretty darn complicated, but hopefully in a way that feels worth it, offering a choice between two potent combat modes.
  • What? A whip for the Giant? That is indeed a whip for the giant. People missed the whip, and with Slaves encroaching on his (already fairly small) turf, the burny Giant needed a little more oomph.
  • Wait, nothing happened to Incarnates? This is true. Incarnates were tricky, and missed the cutoff for a fix. We have some ideas but they will have to wait for next time.
This is all for the main changes in the book. It's now time for a new round of testing! Please let us know how you like (or dislike) the changes in the Infernal Dwarves forum.

Oh, and of course, our translation teams have been working hard to release this new version as well. Expect translations of this new version in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish today!


PS: our Russian translation team will also release their translation of the VC book today. Check it out if you speak Russian! :D
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