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Von Blonde Beer,

Following the release of yesterdays Infernal update, we also have the first videos from members from our Community Team.
So sit back, grab some miniatures and paints, turn on one of these shows and enjoy some hobby time!

First up we have:

Evershade Gaming

Followed by 2 videos from Math-CD, including a battle report with the new update.

And rounding up we have PGT with their video!

Keep in mind that both of the last 2 channels have stuff planned for the next days with the ID book. Click the spoilers to check it out!

Display Spoiler

Math CD has a live battle tomorrow 21:00 gmt+1 on this french channel.

PGT have a listbuilding video this saturday and will also have aCivil War between ID forces on tuesday!

Enjoy the shows!
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