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Von Just_Flo,

Some anonym board users wrote:

Person 1: "Hey, have you seen that strange new Tag?"

Person 2: "You mean the Hobgoblin Supplement one?"

Person 1: "What? You must have dreamed! Neither Goblins nor Orcs have had their LABs, yet. And I am sure only LAB books get Supplements. I mean the fruitful one."

Person 2: "A fruitful supplement?"

Person 1: "Yes, the stawberry supplement."

Person 3: "Come one Guys, stopp trying to fool me. The project would never launch a Supplement without announcing it."

Well, person 3 is sort of correct, If a a supplement is worked on, we announce it. If 2 supplements are worked on, we do a double announcement.

So here I proudly present that we have an in depth look at a special kind of ID Vassals, the hobgoblins.

The team working on it is:

Product Facilator: @Tyranno
In Design: @nightwun
BGT: @WhammeWhamme
RT: @Lagerlof

Did I say a double announcement? Yes, we have another supplement for you in the pipeline. We will do something for the many of our Daemonic Legions players that like it to create thematic armies. While the Daemonic Legions are a highly customizable army, it would feel like a sin to not offer something for those among our players which want to thematically limit their armies to chars, units and manifestions dedicated only to either Envy/Kuulima, Gluttony/Akaan, Greed/Sugulag, Lust/Cibaresh, Pride/Savar, Sloth/Nukuja or Wrath/Vanadra. So we announce the Supplement Monosin/ Monogod today.

The team working on it is:

Product Facilator: @EdSteiner
In Design: @Il Maestro and @marcema
RT: @thedoctor
BGT: @thedarkfourth
Supporting ACS: @Alexwellace
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