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Von Calisson,

Dear Dread Elves fans, poor Dread Elves opponents,

There were plenty of hints, with more than 250 pages of public discussion here: DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup.
In that thread, you'll read also the good vibes written by those lucky who have playtested the Book, and they even posted quite a few of their Army Lists.
For those who have no time to read all of that but are anxious to know a bit more, a convenient overview has been provided as well: DE LAB: Sneak Peek Overview [viewing only].
Well, that's good information, except that, in a typical sneaky Dread Elf way, a large part of the information is now superseded and plenty is still missing.

If you have still a bit of patience, the best is to look forward to getting the actual Dread Elf Army Book on your screen.
But when, you'd ask, when will it happen?
So here is the date: Thursday 10 December 2020. Quite likely late on that day, given that they are coming from the Western Hemisphere.
That day, you should have on your download page the Slim Army Book in its alpha version.

There, you'll learn about all the new units, and you'll discover why playtesters have been so enthusiastic.
Apparently, it has been enjoyed on both side of the battlefield, fortunately for the opponents.
Since it is an alpha, there will be likely quite a few changes until beta, which comes before the stable Gold.
But the general shape of the units won't change by much, including the new units, which will call for new models.

That's it for today, prepare for the Dread Elves, they are coming!
And join the conversation in the Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup.

On behalf of the LAB Team.
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