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Von Henrypmiller,

Dread Elves Slim Release Day 1

We have a jam-packed schedule for you where we will be teasing some of the info for the DE Slim Book which will be released on the 10th December (DE-Day)!

Day 1 is a discussion on some of the elements of the DE background. Unfortunately the CE team was not able to get their hands on any official background, so you will have to settle with some questions and drunken discussion from Casimir the Swede SassyAl and myself, henrypmiller via Ammertime podcast. I hope we did the background justice in this episode but there will be much more background info and lore to come as the release develops!

If you have any specific background questions, or wish to hear more about anything we discuss, please get in touch and I will answer your questions on the next podcast!

So without no further is the content for day 1 of the Dread Elves Slim Book Release.

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