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Von ForsetisMuse,

Dear community, you who spend hours every day on our forum, you who check in only once in a while, and everyone in between,

If we reflect back on this crazy year, who would have thought back in January that it would go the way it did (and continues to go). For many this year has been very difficult with lockdowns and soaring covid-19 cases. The first wave was difficult, but we all did our best, and muddled through. Now many of us are seeing the second wave while still weary from the first. It is not over, but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as vaccines will hopefully soon help us curb the virus.

In the meantime, we must remember that while many of us feel alone we are not, because we have each other! Our community has the spectacular advantage of having this forum along with other digital outlets to connect via social media. Humans are social creatures, and we need to look after one another!

On that note, in these extraordinary times most of us feel an increased amount pressure and stress. Please understand that you are not the only one. This being the case, we all need to be extra mindful of how we communicate. Comments that may have made during “normal” times seem to have a greater impact on people under serious stress. That is not to say that critique is not welcome, far from it. But we would kindly request that you take extra time to review what you say and how you say it to keep it constructive and helpful.

The greatest strength that our project has is the people that support it. That is not just staff, but our whole community. Additionally, our diverse community of users from all over the world provide us with a unique world view that very few projects can boast. So, thank you for your input, your opinions and your observations which make us better.

From all of us to all of you,
You are not alone
Stay safe
Practice social distancing
Wash your hands
Be kind to yourself and others

When all of this is over, we look forward to seeing you across a gaming table again!

ExB and HR
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