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Von Calisson,

Dear community,

This year's Christmas is full or T9A presents!
After yesterday and a new LAB, here comes the latest edition of your favorite magazine: The 9th Scroll!

This edition has been made by a new team, Pablo @Closer Muñoz and Nicolas @nflqt Floquet.
They are immensely proud to have made it just in time, which is a feat that everyone who have worked in a new team will appreciate to its full value.

Here is the Table of Content:
  • Game and community
5 An introduction to The 9th Age: Essence of War
7 Homebrew makers interviw
14 On the Road to Avras. Final episode
16 Fluff. Dearest Tristopher
17 Fluff. Ask the Sage
  • Battle report & tactica
19 Battle report. Essence of War. Ogre Khans vs Warriors of the Dark Gods
26 Tactica. Patience in T9A. A virtue or a sin?
  • Shop
31 Veil of the Ages interview
  • Army showcase
35 The Deamonic Host of Psilo Cybin


You can have it in two versions,
Download it from here in low quality for consultation on your screen.

Download it from here in normal quality for printers.

We hope that this unexpected treat will help you to pass enjoyable time during the last days of this year, and beyond.
On behalf of the authors, @Closer and @nflqt
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