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Von Calisson,

Were you intrigued by the News "Who will save the Cravenlands?" Here is the explanation.

Everybody wants to quickly start a new year. How better than some good old nerdy friendly interactions?
That's why a mini-team of writers and artists decided to bring you... a new forum-based campaign!
This campaign is not official, the team does that on their own enthusiastic behalf.
Here is the Cravenlands Team:

The story will progress thanks to YOUR contribution in varied fields:
  • show us your painted miniatures, Cravenlands
  • write up battle reports,
  • build some terrain,
  • give us your tactical advice,
  • share your fan art,
  • and tell us some inspiring stories.

All these contributions will contribute to the unfolding of a campaign, which will help a new generation of players to get familiar with the Ninth Age... or will provide an incentive for veterans to building a new army. All developments will happen in the dedicated space (at the moment empty) The Cravenlands. You may already Manage Subscription to that board, so as not to miss any new thread.

It starts tomorrow Monday with the first campaign post, providing all the necessary explanations!
If you wish to discuss it already, please use the thread the Cravenlands escalation campaign

On behalf of the Cravenlands Team
See you tomorrow!
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