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Von SadlerCPII,

From the headquarters of Proxy Table Gaming:

We are going to be covering the UK masters quite extensively and have loads planned. We plan to run a mixture of YouTube videos and Podcasts for the UK Master that will start January 17th. We are collaborating with:

Paired Weapons Podcast
Fantasy Wargaming Podcast
Slaanrat Radio
Mad Git Radio
Thundercocks Podcast
Veil of the Ages

Our schedule looks something like this (although dates are TBC):

Masters Review Podcast (Slaanrat - Podcast) - Out Now on SoundCloud.

What is the Masters? (PTG - YouTube) - 11th Jan

Who's Who? (PTG - YouTube) - 13th Jan
(Live) Draw (Thundercocks - Podcast) - 14th Jan

Match Up Predictions (Fantasy Wargaming Podcast) - 15th Jan

Lists Review (Paired Weapons Podcast) - 16th Jan

Road to the Masters (PTG - YouTube) - 17th Jan

Round 1, Round 3 and Final Round Table 1 Livestream Battles (PTG - YouTube) - Various Dates TBD

Round by Round Summaries (Slaanrat - Podcast) - Various Dates TBD

Masters Review Show (PTG - YouTube) - 20th Feb

We will also be running player interview with all the players attending spread across all the different podcasts for more content. Here’s a link to a section of the forum talking about it: One stop shop for UK Masters Coverage - Multi format!

So as you can see we are already building something massive! This is a project like none other and we are looking forward to hearing back from the T9A community!

Also, we will be running a competition for viewers/listeners too with the following prizes (multiple winners each getting one prize):

Pre-painted model from Pro-Painter PTG-Gobbo
Pre-painted model from Kev @ Paired Weapons Podcast
Lifetime Table Top Simulator Subscription
Gaming book from Heretic Games
Rotten Factory unpainted Warriors Character Model
Laser Sight Pen from
Free standard sized Commission from Pro-Painter PTG-Gobbo

Question is:

"What was the latest LAB Army Book to be released by The 9th Age?"
a) Orcs & Goblins
b) Dread Elves
c) Undying Dynasties

Viewers/listeners have to email with their name, contact details and answer to be in it to win it.
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