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Von Just_Flo,

Hotfix 1 of balance patch was just released, with typo and missing changes corrected (such as when rules and change log did not agree). You can get all the latest versions of the documents in the zip-package.


Long way, long wait but finally it is there. Today the 2019 Data report finally hits the public.

So what does it contain and will the 2020 datareport hit before 2022?

The 2019 Data report shows the tourneys and the methods used to monitor the external balance of the armies of the 9th Age. The way TA did collect and interpret tourney performance and analysed tourney lists is explained. But that isn’t all, so read yourself if you want to know how the famous Tier list of 2019 was created and what all TA did in 2019 and envisioned for 2020 and 2021 (If or what from that did become reality, you will likely read in the 2020 Data report which is currently planned to hit 1 week after the current Update goes gold).

There is a saying the perfect is the enemy of the good. So, trying to make some parts which in the end did not make it in the final report did take far to long. Now 90% of the structure will preexist for the 2020 report and so I am highly confidential that the 2020 data report will come out still 2021 and very likely 1 or 2 weeks after the current update did go gold.

Long talk, but now, here there is finally the 2019 Data Report.
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