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Von SadlerCPII,

And the fun doesn't stop!

We are nearly half way through the infamous UK Masters this January, and already with so much content out we are excited to shout about our upcoming Livestream this Sunday! With the 'wildcard' Kev starting to get his groove on with the goat men, he is pitted against the spiciest man alive - literally! - in Marcus and his daemons. Will the 'Por Favor' be too much for the Masters' newcomer, or will he be able to throw the spice back into his opponents face? There's only one way to know... tune in on Sunday at 7pm to find out!

Once again, we will be joined by a plethora of guests from all over to talk you through the nights events and recap some of the highlights so far throughout the tourney. With the added bonus of being the last match of the round, we will also take a sneaky preview at the next round - which just so happens to be the dreaded ARMY SWAP. All this and of course some sprinklings of 'Jacktics' and a helping of a mighty competition that boasts some amazing prizes, this is a night you will not want to miss out on!

For ALL the links to content already released, go to the Masters Forum thread on the link below:
One stop shop for UK Masters Coverage - Multi format!

And to catch up on Kev's previous battle's, take a look at the link below to view his round 1 & 2 written battle reports:
Axel Vicious and The Beastly Boys at the UK Masters 2021
Axel Vicious and The Beastly Boys at the UK Masters 2021 - Game 2

We want to thank everyone involved in the Masters - from players, to content providers and the Master's committee - for helping to make this possible - but also a massive shout out to all those that have watched/engaged/enjoyed our content so far. It wouldnt be the same without you guys there to enjoy the ride with!

...and if you haven't had a chance to catch any of the content, don't worry, we have plenty more opportunities to get involved so you don't miss out!

To make sure you don't miss the livestream or any of the upcoming events surrounding the masters, make sure you like, share & subscribe to the PTG channel here:
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