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Von SadlerCPII,

So here we are.

It has been a long journey, with lots of high's and low's for the players, but it all comes down to one night! Before we get to it, I want to thank the players and everyone involved in the coverage of it all, with a special mention to @ukrockywho has not only been playing (and still in with a good chance of making himself the Master this year) but has also been churning out the podcasts & collating all the info into one handy spot on the forum (HERE) so that everyone can join in with the fun.

BUT, perhaps more importantly, a MASSIVE THANKS to all of you. To anyone that has listened, watched or commented on the vast array of content we have produced, we thank you. It has been really enjoyable for us all to interact with you all and make what we think is one of the most prestigious events of the year into something even more special.

So, without further ado, we beckon you all to our latest show, for your viewing pleasure...

We reach the end of the UK Masters 20/21 event with only a handful of players still in with a shout of being blessed with the title of "Master" for the year. Join us and a host of special guests, as we take a look at both of the important matches and talk you through all of the action. Complete with 'Jacktics', competitions and several random tangents, this show will have it all and some you DONT WANT TO MISS!
We hope to see you there...

Proxy Table Gaming's YouTube Channel, Monday 15th February, 7pm.

But, don't be sad. If you are worried this is the last of the content, then THINK AGAIN! Stay tuned for our Masters Review show later in the week, where we will be interviewing the winner and the Tournament Organiser, as well as taking a brief look over the tournament itself and announcing the winners of the ongoing competition that has been going on throughout.

Monday night's livestream is the deadline for your entry so make sure you get your email/answer in to by the end of the night or your entry won't be counted! Also, because of the great number of entrants so far we have arranged for a NEW PRIZE to be added to the (already amazing) loot of prizes and this one is something you will not want to miss out on. All this, and a HUGE announcement will be made so another show you just cannot afford to miss.

Plus, more podcast shows summing up the masters and matches, and plenty for you to catch up on I'm sure, so make sure you click on the forum thread, where you can make sure you don't miss out on a thing!

Thanks and see you later!
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