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Von Calisson,

This is a News from @piteglio, who is doing wonders for T9A on many accounts and adds one more string to his bow.
Warhall of the Arts
In the last hours everybody has been talking about Warhall - a beautiful, practical and free simulator for The Ninth Age.
And I can already hear someone say:
"But I don't like videogames! I'm in this hobby for the miniatures, the crafting, the painting!".

Well, don't worry. With a bit of help, Warhall will become like The Ninth Age: a home for both competitive gamers and hobby enthusiasts. Your creations could become part of the new videogame. Imagine the miniatures you painted... or those terrain pieces you built yourself... imported into a videogame, for everybody to enjoy!

Veil of the Ages has been working for a long time on photoscanning. Now we have found a way to digitalise your creations comfortably from your home.

You send us pictures of your beauties, we transform them into 3D models, and we put them into videogames like Warhall.

Do you want to contribute to this gaming revolution?
...or do you simply want to win one of 9 early access keys to Warhall?

Then visit this thread and learn how to enter the contest. Or if you prefer to remain a spectator, come enjoy some beautiful pictures and vote for your favourite designs!

credits: miniatures by Avatars of War and Shieldwolf Miniatures,
battlemat by Torek Wargame Accessories, paint by Remy77077

link here --> Warhall of the Arts <-- join now!


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