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Von fjugin,

Today we release hot-fix #2 for 2021 beta2. This hot-fix includes some actual changes to original intentions. The more meaningful changes are listed below, together with some motivation/justification:

Carnosaur mount 0-2 models / army
Price reduction of carnosaur made is possible to field 6 "monsters" in the same list. This was not intended. SA should be allowed more monsters than most armies, but not that many. Simple fix added to block this possibility.

Sentinel of Nukuja 0-3 models / army removed.
This is a completely empty restriction. In a normal 4500 points game, DL have a character limit of 1800 points. 4 Sentinel of Nukuja is 2740 points. And one of them should be the general, which is another 30 points. This means that in order to field 4 sentinels, you must play 7000 points! Anmd even then, the diminishing returns on your 4th wizard master makes this a suboptimal choice. It's a meaningless restriction.

Cave goblin nets, 50 points per unit.
In beta 1 price for nets dropped because they were underused. In beta 2 price for goblins dropped because they had hard time competing with orcs that got cheaper in beta 1. This led to concerns that nets were getting too cheap (both nets and the base model cost), without new cost having been tester properly. This led to reverting net price back to 2ppm. This made nets now pretty much back to pre-patch status were they were underused. Not a perfect solution but due to time constraints it made it into released version. After release it was realized that nets makes more sense as a unit-upgrade than a per-model-upgrade. This makes it possible to tweak price with greater precision. We hope this is a solution that will allow nets to become well balanced. Starting at 50 points. Makes meaningfully cheaper for large units, which is something we'd like to promote.

Arcane Compendium
Relentless banner cannot be used with shooting and leaving units with characters.
This banner has been some problems for some of our new books in beta and in development. For example, ID march and shoot with blunderbuss is a lot more potent with this banner than without, to the point where designing the weapon is problematic. Likewise we see problems with catapulting characters out of the unit, either as chaff or for killer solo characters.
In order to allow this banner to fulfil its intended purpose; to enable combat infantry, and stop causing problems with new designs, the alternative unintended uses for the banner have been removed.

Several changes for ID. This because ID is in beta and delays in the next beta update made a price only update needed. However, this book was not included in the beta1 price update back in late December, and was therefore given a bit more room for hot-fix edits. The following changes were done:
- Vassal chieftain cost reverted to post-patch. With the many other price increases to vassal levies, the price increase on the chieftain was likely too much.
- Vassal for vassal Conjurer -10 points. With the adept-only clause this mount can be a bit cheaper without creating strong chaff character.
- Kadim Incarnates base point increased to 285. The feedback we are seeing in this unit is very polarizing. Some think they are the best unit in the game, others the worst. RT initially interpreted this data as a good argument to not change them too much. But further examination and more feedback has now led us to believe this unit has a high skill level cap, meaning the very best players are able to do wonders with this unit. We normally price units after their potential in ideal list and assuming strong player. Therefore price of this unit is going up. - Taurruk Enforcers great weapon down to 2 points. Underused option that promotes fielding enforces in new ways.

With this, the balance patch update for 2021 is completed and all books should turn gold in a week or so.

You can find all the latest book in the zip package, and the individual books on the downloads page.

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