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Von fjugin,

Dear community.
Today we release the map pack for 2021.

This project has been quite special. It was to produced by a never seen before level of community inclusion, at least as far as official rules content is concerned.

This community engagement was executed in the following way:

Step 1
Maps were created by community members, by submitting proposals (using a couple of guidelines for what we were looking for in maps). Around 200 maps were submitted in total. You can read more about this here: Map pack 2021 let's involve the community

Step 2
These 200 maps were halved by the rules team, eliminating maps that weren't following guidelines. Renaming maps were made into a big survey where maps were pitted against each other. The community members were invited to select their favorite maps by answering this survey.
You can read more about this here: Map pack for 2021 selection process

Step 3
This survey gave the rules team the community's preference for each of map 1-16. Using the winning maps, the rules team made a few minor tweaks (moving/rotating a few terrain pieces slightly) to maximize playability for all deployment types and secondary objectives, (hopefully) without altering the underlaying concepts for the map.

We are now looking at inviting community to be part of this final tweaking by releasing a beta version of the map pack. Our aim is to finalize this shortly, so be sure to give comments, feedback and suggestions within the coming 1-2 weeks in this forum thread:
2021 Map Pack Contest

The map pack itself can be found in the downloads tab, or accessed via the link below:
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