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Von lawgnome,

"I don't like it," said the sergeant. "It's too quiet.
We've had Daeb, Equitans... even the bloody Avrasi rats.
But there's something new coming, I can feel it - out there in the trees."

He and the captain stared into the dense foliage of jungle.
Nothing moved but the insects.

"You're being paranoid, man," said the captain. "There's nothing-"

They both froze as they felt it: a vibration in the ground.
The captain looked down at the mug of tea in his hands. The surface of the liquid trembled, sending miniature ripples back and forth as the vibrations came again. They were speeding up now - unmistakably the sound of footfalls.

In the distance, the tops of the trees began to sway violently back and forth.
Something was coming straight towards them.
Something huge.

The two soldiers shared a glance, and gingerly began to back away.

All at once, the trees ahead burst asunder,
and there it stood, rearing up, gigantic, scaly, jaws opening with rows of sharpened teeth.

Let it loose!


The application log is open: if interested, please report to @lawgnome - the SA LAB coordinator.
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