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Von Calisson,

Yes, you've read it right!
We’re planning to launch a Trading Card Game to complement our tabletop wargame and attract new players.

At the moment, we are developing the basics.
This game is an Arcane Battle between two Conclaves of Wizards.
  • Train progressively a Conclave of Wizards.
  • Start with one Apprentice, hire more Wizards.
  • Equip your Wizards with Artefacts.
  • Teach your Wizards spells, up to Master Level Spells.
  • Upgrade your Apprentices to Adepts, Masters, all the way to Archwizard!
Your opponent trains a competing Conclave - and the spell slinging commences.
This is a turn-by-turn battle, where players Siphon the Veil, Channel, Weave Magic for additional effects, spare Veil Tokens... and sometimes Miscast!


The collectible cards:

30 Wizard Card to collect initially, from all 16 factions (yes, even Runic Smiths from the Dwarven Holds)!
In subsequent batches, there will be rare Wizard Cards to collect: Wizard Conclaves, Wizards from Supplements, Wizards from new factions including Dragons, and Named Wizards.

Wizard cards include a Hereditary Spell which can be cast without needing an additional card.

Spell cards cover 10 Paths of Magic, with initially 6 spells each, plus 2 Pure Spells, totalling 80 cards. The Spells adapted to Arcane fights.
In subsequent releases, rare new spells will be available, at all levels, providing alternatives to Spells from all complexities. Bound Spells will appear too.

The Artefacts: the initial launch will feature 30 different Artefacts (including Armours). In subsequent releases, more Artefacts will appear. The Artefacts effects can be anything, from a healing potion to magic resistance or amour, from an Aegis amulet to an Arcane Book or a Rod.

There are 8 Flux Cards to collect initially. A Flux Card remains in effect for the two players until a new Flux Card replaces it.
In subsequent releases, the Veil may be weakened, with all sorts of effects!

Dice (not provided) are used to display Wizards Health Points, Magic Dice and Tokens.


Before we develop fully the game to its Public Alpha stage, we wish the community to participate:
  • submit your ideas for the name of the game (we’re not settled yet internally),
  • submit your ideas for spells, artefacts and rules,
  • volunteer to playtest (50 random card offered).
Those whose ideas will be incorporated into the game will receive 10 cards of the corresponding spell or artefact.

The one who will provide the most inspiring name will receive a free deck of 300 cards and will become our official ambassador.

Please submit your ideas in the following thread:T9A TCD, where you will find more detail about the collectible cards and the game's rules.

We hope that you will all be as enthusiastic about this future game as we are!

T9A Management
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