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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear community,

today we release two updated documents.

First and foremost, there you got the new Infernal Dwarves Beta 3 Slim Army Book.

Here you have also an introductory statement from the ID Task Team:

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And so we come to the ID update. The idea was to do one big overhaul now, and only a couple of minor tweaks to follow before gold.

I won’t touch on the detail of every change individually here but, we set out with some clear goals for the update;
1. Player satisfaction- both ID players and opponents.
2. Simplify and correct the unintended emergence of some playstyles (flying circus) instead of the intended ones (battlelines)
3. Deal with some of the more divisive units / such as kadim incarnates and Iron Engines

Talking in grand sweeps;
1. We first worked on the shooting aspect of the book. This was an area we knew the ID community was unhappy with the balance of, and also an area which had become over-complicated rules wise. For example ammo, and thus the ability to have same units with same names confusingly having different in game effects, is now gone - instead ammo is simplified to just the higher calibre rounds the infernal artilleryfires.

We also focused strongly here on reinforcing the “short ranged/devastating” nature of the ID - now they have some of the most powerful shooting weapons, big and small alike, available to any army in the game! But they are going to need to get up close and personal to show their true effectiveness.

2. We next looked at the desired infantry battle line playstyle coupled with an imbalance that saw a number of armies containing very few dwarfs and lots of vassals! Bound and broken is gone (often replaced by rules such as swiftstride, insignificant, or just extra attacks) instead it’s the Infernal Brand unit which gained AWSR’s that make them more determined anvils as befits their nature - as well as allowing them to better anchor the battleline. It also helps to manifest the arrogance of the ID on the tabletop: you can charge them, but they aren't worried just because there are a few more of you.

Fear not if you can’t bear to be parted from that vassal spearblock of old that served you so well. There is a new banner for vassals that replicates the previous abilities.

You’ll also notice a lot of the more specialized and agile movements (skirmishers/light troops etc) have gone - in favour of stronger, more dwarven in nature, straight up and down blocks, to further enhance the solid battleline approach of a relentless ID army

3. Lugars were one of the most complicated units in the book, with an excess of special rules. We pulled all that back., instead concentrating on making them a better fighting unit. They are now back to S4 AP1 base. With access to both paired or great weapons you can make a real combat block to threaten whatever army you are used to playing against, and with Ghost Step from being part-Kadim they can get to where they need to be.

And on top of this their background as lawyers who litigate against divine law comes in from the fact both they and enemy unit in combat gains mr2 - even against friendly spells. Making it very difficult for outside entities to influence any combat they are in, and makes these dwarven iconoclasts ideal for deploying away from your own center...

4. Incarnates were a divisive unit, in that some players found them far too powerful, others not powerful enough! So their design has been tweaked. Volcanic embrace being the biggest change which now acts like Molten Copper - and makes the unit much better against the foes they struggled most with before! On the other hand, no more light troops means they need to fight their enemies head on, which is more in character for them than subtle maneuvers.
This has had knock on effects throughout the Kadim line - leading to some other interesting changes.

5. Finally, double Steel Juggernauts, or a Steel Juggernaut + a Rock Crusher, had become something of a crutch, while the 'classic' shooting train wasn't seeing much play. This was bad for both the iconic shooting train entry and the book as a whole, so we made the non-Juggernaut trains a little more elite but 0-1 per army, and replaced the Steel Juggernaut with the mighty WALKING VOLCANO, a variant Kadim Titan with an artillery weapon. This also further emphasises the important kadim sub-theme in the book (because lets be honest, they are part of why everyone chooses this army )

There’s loads of other changes through the book, from things like +2” back on to flintlocks you all asked for, to new magic items we hope you will find a use for!
We don’t expect everything to be perfect for sure! In fact we’d be more surprised if it was! But hopefully you can see clear steps of where we have tried to move the book forward in the right direction (even if we haven’t had chance to look at quite every entry) - and we appreciate any feedback you have, but mostly we look forward to seeing everyone playing with the book and discovering how the changes we’ve made impact the battlefield. Hopefully you will have as much fun playing with it as we had writing it!

You can download the ID SLIM BETA 3 HERE.

Of course our fellow ACS will soon open a topic to receive your feedback.

About ID, we noticed some small tweaks needed in the Art of the ID LAB, so we'll update the file soon, thus keep an eye on them (you can download them in the download section, of course!).


Second release for today is the Map Pack you've already seen:

The Map pack is now exiting its beta phase and turning gold. This means that for the rest of the seasons, i.e. until some time early 2022, this map pack will be the official map pack for the game.

A few changes have been made from the beta version. Apart from turning one field into a forest on map B4, to allow this map to be created with a single terrain pack, the remaining changes are of more cosmetic nature. All maps have been given flavourful names and a brief background description. To help inspire terrain building and create more immersive games. We have also developed a printer-friendly version of the map pack, in black and white. See links below.

You can download the new version HERE.

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