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Von maxgorthor,

Hello dear community

The german translation team needs some new hands

in the past there were serious bottleknecks in the process chain of :

-Translation --> proofreading --> puting the translated text into Latex/ G-Doc --> Setting up the PDF --> Loading up the PdF

Those bottleknecks lead to delay of the publication of some already translated (and still not publishesed material) of more than a year.
That means we need your help to restart totally a new the german translation team.
We are looking for:
- people which translate using the already established translations.
- proofreaders for rules and Background material
- people, which know or learn Latex and fill or create german versions of the latex files.
- people which convert english PDFs into a word file and create the G-Doc master file for translations.
- people with experience with scribus and or Indesign

If you are interested, please contact @Ghiznuk on or HR meaning @maxgorthor. You need to apply here to present you

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