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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hi there community!

The latest update for the Giant Supplement is now up, you can download it here.

Here is the release note from the team:

Greetings Fellow T9A'ers. Even though some may be red-headed, (or is that hot-headed?) we still would like to show our Big Bros the attention that they command. As a major part of the T9A World, our Giants are very important to both the setting and the game's armies. It is because of this connection, that the Giants will receive continuous focus during all of the LAB creations. This is to make sure that all of the Giants are cohesive with their armies and continue to be balanced for use. At this time, we would like to present the latest Giants Supplement Update that focuses on the changes to both Infernal Dwarves and the Dread Elves, as well as a pricing update for the Ogre Khan's Slave Giant. Thank you and hope you enjoy them.
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