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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hi fellow T9Aers!

We would like to launch a new experiment in the T9A product management, which is the inclusion of model pictures into the Legendary Army Books, to help players more easily identify with units but also to encourage and inspire people when they work on their own units.

We are welcoming pictures of individual models, entire units, or grand army shots and we want them for all kinds of units. And we want them from all kinds of different manufacturers (we are model agnostic after all).

We are asking that any submissions be fully painted and based and YOU MUST OWN THE MODEL! We do not want random images of models harvested from the Internet because those images are owned by someone else. And of course your own conversions are absolutely fine to submit! Added note - please do not place your models in their movement trays for the pictures.

For this experiment, the chosen army is the Dread Elves.You can post your models here.

Show us the beauty and terror of your Daeb soldiers!

(and, by the way, remember that you can download the background supplement for DE, Beauty and Terror!)
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