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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Can you imagine it?

Rat artillery preview is here!

Task Team Disclaimer

Display Spoiler
We as a team want to keep you informed of progress as it happens. However, you must understand that anything we show you now can and most likely will be changed before release, once it is seen how the entire design functions. The idea right now is that we will share with you, the community, on a regular basis.
When speculating, keep in mind that we did not show you the guidelines so the LAB team could ignore them. The guidelines and your and stakeholder's feedback are essential to ensure a design team stays within set boundaries. These guidelines are the framework for any discussions. Although it is not inconceivable to alter the guidelines, it is very unlikely. Should this occur, we will update you, so we keep the same framework in our ongoing communications. Currently the VS LAB team initiated a first round of feedback on rules produced so far. Stakeholders review these rules to make sure we stay within our boundaries set by the design guidelines and the LAB team's concept (tighter guidelines). The stakeholders can also identify potential issues as do you, the community, when we show you ideas. This is an ongoing process with checks and balances. Even so, we know not everyone will be happy, the only promise we can make is to give our best to give you an interesting and good set of rules grounded in T9A lore. Beyond tokens there will be in world reasons for everything and that should help get the right feel playing this army.
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