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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hey greenies, and less green ones,

They've been late because of their differences from the common template, but the OnG are finally having their layout lift-up with LaTeX! It means that they get their Quick Ref Sheet at the end of the book, that the layout is a bit changed, and that we used the opportunity to reword some rules (no mechanical change, of course!).

Could we trouble you for some help lectoring the book? We've probably done some copy-paste errors, so your good knowledge of the book could help us hunt those mistakes. Please also give us your feedback on the layout: would you do things differently? Is something unclear now?

Thanks a lot! After a short period of review, the book will go online instead of the current one, so be sure to spot any issues, you wouldn't want the GGI to become Resilience 1... :p

Please report your feedback here!
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