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Von Nerocrossius,

Dear Community:

An essential component to the growth of our project and community is utilizing social media. Whether that is in building and supporting our many communities around the world or simply letting more people know that we exist. To better accomplish this the T9A Public Relations team is looking to expand the staff members managing our social media and YouTube platforms.

Applicants to this position would be additional editors to existing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Every week they would put in some time to monitor designated platforms and coordinate with other social media team members what new content should be published. For YouTube we're looking for content creators as part of this role.

If interested, these positions could lead to leadership opportunities within the social media team and even the PR team itself.

We prefer our team members to possess these traits:
  • An hour or two throughout the week; possibly more for YouTube (These are subjective requirements based on needs);
  • Interest and experience using at least one of the common social media platforms
  • Experience in video editing and content creation for those who would work with YouTube
  • A desire to help T9A grow!
  • Interest in being involved in content creation and coordination

What the Public Relations team can do for you:
  • Get the opportunity to work with the Project leadership in shaping the growing image of T9A
  • Be on the front lines of sharing T9A content with the world
  • Learn valuable team and community management skills
  • Act as a bridge and connection between T9A and other communities

If you think that you'd enjoy helping the Project in this capacity you can apply to the Social Media Team via an application to Public Relations right HERE

If you want to help out with something else we have several other teams currently looking for extra hands, which are found HERE!

Best regards,
Your HR Department
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