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Von Calisson,

This is going to be fascinating!
Flea Market has been set up by two T9A big fans, and it shows!
They are not only focused on T9A needs, but also on T9A do-it-yourself-if-you-can't-find-it spirit.
Today, they want to encourage you, who want to develop your 3D print skills, with a competition to create the best representation of T9A very mascot, Klepa.
Flea Market do-your-own-3D competition
Flea Market has arranged its first community cooperation event. We want to show everybody how easy it can be to start 3D-modeling and as a challenge, we want the T9A community to sculpt the mascot Klepa and Fleabag and all the things they have for sale, based on the official artwork:

At the end, the finished model will be uploaded on the Flea Market MyMiniFactory page as a free download. If you want to join in, follow this link.
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