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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hello fellow T9Aers!

We're happy to announce we have an Expected Release Date for the VS Alpha!

What is an ERD?

Expected Release Date is the date in which we're almost sure to deliver a product. As you probably know, we switched from planned release dates to the "we release when we're ready" policy. That happened because we experienced issues and delays we cannot foresee while producing a product (being it a LAB, a background supplement or an auxiliary).

ERDs are announced when the product is 99% finished and we have enough confidence we'll be able to release it in 1-2 weeks. Nonetheless, delays and issues can still occur, so ERDs should not be considered hard deadlines.

That said,

ERD for the Vermin Swarm Alpha is the 10th of June, so next Thursday.

Expect this week to be full of previews from our Community Engagement Team.

I'm happy also to invite you to join me and Andrea from ETC Team Italy to chat about this new book tomorrow evening, 10.00 pm CET on Team Italy Twitch channel to explore the Swarm (the streaming will be in english)!

Also, since we know you're always thirsty for spoilers, you can take a look at the latest spoiler from the book here.

The Swarm is near.
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