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Von VisconteDimezzato,


today's releases are a few hotfix for ID and the Erratas.

A few words about those last ones:

This week's update of the Errata document contains fixes of minor loopholes and imprecisions in the Rulebook, the Arcane Compendium, and some Army Books (BH, DL, DH, EoS, HE, KoE, SA, SE). You will find further details and explanations in the corresponding designer notes at the end of the document.

Since version 13 of the Errata was implemented in the Rulebook earlier this year (April 15, 2021, available here), the version on the download page refers to that version of the Rulebook. In case you would like to continue using the full version of the Errata, e.g. because you use it alongside a printed copy of the BRB from before, you can find that version (Errata version 14_2018) by clicking on the Versions tab on the Errata download page (here).

And for ID hotfix:


Honoured overlords, esteemed infernal citizens, and tolerated vassals... we have a hotfix for your perusal.
It is not an update per se, it is just a few clarifications for things that were deemed unclear (probably by lesser races, who require things to be spelt out for them).

Perhaps most importantly, the hereditary effects have been re-written/moved around to make them clearer. We are interested to hear what you think of the new version and whether it is clearer and easier.

Enjoy, and if you need us we'll be toiling away in the workshop.

ID LAB team.


Files downloadable in the proper places.

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