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Von VisconteDimezzato,

The new version of Essence of War - the streamlined ruleset for The Ninth Age is almost ready to be uploaded! But for those of you who are curious and want to sneak an early peek, here's a brand new video, just published on the 'T9A in Bayern' channel by none other than forum star Just_Flo:

In the video, Flo takes us through the book from start to finish in 20 minutes, discussing some of the additions and changes from the previous version. The video ends by showing you a new tool in the Ninth Age outreach arsenal... an example of a papercraft army!

One of the missions of the EW team is to lower the entry bar to T9A. Now, we know that for many players their dream army is a large collection of fully painted miniatures... but is this is a target, something on the a horizon - not a starting point! For this reason, we teamed up with several artists and asked them to create a paper army, based on one of the premade rosters you can use in Essence of War.

So it is with great pleasure that today we can also share with you the papercraft Patrol for the Empire of Sonnstahl, available to download here for FREE - kindly donated by RHWorldbuilding. Rob has been helping the project with many paper designs, as you can see from his project page. So grab some thick paper, scissors and glue, and start crafting!

We will be able to offer more of these for FREE soon, so that you can print them out and gift them to the new players you wish to introduce to the game... or you can keep it for yourself, to expand your own collection, try out a new faction, and maybe to fall in love with your next miniatures project!

Find out more about Essence of War and leave your feedback here:
Essence of War - spoilers & feedback

(the EoW Team)
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