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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear Community,
here is the new version of Essence of War, now available for everyone to download:

This new version contains new lore, new artwork, new layout, new rules, ALL the Patrols for all T9A factions included and updated (including all the Supplementary factions), and even new miniatures images. Whatever it is that attracts you the most to this hobby, this book will have something of interest for ALL T9A gamers!

The book is now over 80 pages long, but the Basic rules are condensed into 20 pages only. We call it version Alpha 2, since it isn't complete with all of the EoW Advanced Armylists and rules yet. We will be able to work faster and better with your feedback, from existing and new players, both on the book itself and especially from the games you play with it. Let us know your opinion here: Essence of War // Discussion

And now, follow this Dread Corsair by @PhearTheHam on a sea of wargaming adventures!
-The EoW Team

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