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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Good evening T9Aers!

Did you miss the Scroll?

Well, here it is again, with a message from our brand new Scroll Team!

9th Scroll Team wrote:

A Number of Issues

I have noticed that some people refer to the issues of the Ninth Scroll as numbers, and that gave me the idea for this title. Nonetheless, the title has a double-meaning, and I won’t be shy about it. We have had troubles in releasing this issue. However, with any luck this will be the last time we’ll have to excuse ourselves for releasing the scroll late. I hope that the wait has served only to whet your appetites, and that you will enjoy this issue (or number) of the scroll.

  • Remy77077 -

    Btw, this doesn't seem to be up on any of the Downloads pages yet!