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Von Calisson,

Wow, if you were tempted to start a Beast Herd small party, that's something to examine!
Labmasu Beast Herd starter for Essence of War - with goodies

a Beast Herds Starter Set!

If we were to ambush you all with a new idea, which faction do you think would be best?

the Labmasu Beast Herds patrol, available for sale today

...exactly! Our friends at @Labmasu have seen the new Beast Herds patrol in the Essence of War rulebook. They loved it, and decided to offer an easy, beautiful and convenient one-stop buy solution. Their BH bundle is complete with 34 metal miniatures, movement trays, tokens, spellcard, rulers and faction-specific dice. If you ever considered starting a new army, or buying some common minis for demo introductory games at your club, this is the perfect offer for you!

Some of you will recognise a mix of Banebrood and Wyldfolk metal miniatures from the Godslayer range. This will give your army an unique look, with humanoid beasts, and beastly humans together. Here are a few more pictures:

To make things even more exciting, Labmasu also agreed to let these miniatures be included in the free videogame adaptation of T9A on TabletopSimulator, which will be released tomorrow. This means that if you buy the set, paint the miniatures, and send a video of your beauties to Veil of the Ages, we might include your paintjobs into the videogame itself. People from all over the world will get to play T9A online with the miniatures that you painted. Isn't that something?

Make sure you visit the Labmasu store today - there's only a limited number of BH Starter Sets available!